Green hours.


It’s been freezing cold here, also been snowing for a couple of days.

But I am lucky and I got a couple of hours of sun, just in time for some photos.

My passion for layering saves me from a lot of trouble. When we took these pictures there were about 5 degrees Celsius. And I wore a short sleeved sweater, a long sweater and a leather jacket and I was feeling no cold. The long sweater is wool and this fabric is also very important whenever you are fighting winter.

Layering saves me from trouble because I really don’t like big wintery clothes. I don’t actually have a cold season wardrobe, even if we do have about 3 months of it around here. I am short and my face is somehow childish and I if I wear a big fluffy jacket and no heels, I feel like a 16 year old :))

So thank God for layering! Try it, you will love the fashionable, yet cozy looks you will get!

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