Green hours.


Hello somethingabouthers!

Did you miss me? It’s been freezing cold here, also been snowing for a couple of days.

But I am lucky and I got a couple of hours of sun, just in time for some photos.

My passion for layering saves me from a lot of trouble. When we took these pictures there were about 5 degrees Celsius. And I wore a short sleeved sweater, a long sweater and a leather jacket and I was feeling no cold. The long sweater is wool, which is also very important whenever you are fighting the winter.

Layering saves me from trouble because I really don’t like big wintery clothes. I don’t actually have a cold season wardrobe, even if we do have about 3 months of it around here. I am short and my face is somehow childish and I if I wear a big fluffy jacket and no heels, I feel like a 16 year old :))

So thank God for layering! Try it, you will love the fashionable, yet cozy looks you will get!

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Red wine.



What I love most about autumn is LAYERING.

My definition of layering is mixing styles and seasons. 

The unusual of the outfit is what makes it powerful in my head. 

Style is saying who you are without having to speak.  by Rachel Zoe

Example: the outfit above resembles myself – a clean fresh vibe, underneath thick heavy layers of “wisdom” :))

It says that I am innocent and feminine (white lacy short dress), while the bag and the boots let you know that there might be more than just innocence about myself ;)

Hope you LOVE IT!



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Lavender haze







Hello fashion lovers!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome in the blogosphere! <3


Play with colours in your oufits! Get out of the ordinary black / white / nude / gray! 

When I picture an outfit, the first step is making a good colour mix. Fabrics and shapes come after. 

Colours have quite strong “core values” in my head. 

Let’s take the outfit above: we have lavender – soft & feminine – mixed with tan – sexy & raw – and with a lot of white – pure & innocent.

My favourite game is to hide a sexual combo (lavender and tan) under completely non sexual ones. And I do that by adding a lot of white. To keep things pure & innocent :) 


Do so and we’re gonna break some hearts, as I promised ;) 


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White lies.



Let’s take advantage of the nice weather and get the most out of the pre-fall! 

I love it when seasons meet and we get to mix two completely different wardrobes <3

One of my favourite combinations are the (usually thigh) high boots with summerish skirts and dresses. If needed, add a leather jacket and we have a crazy fall outfit. 

We’re gonna break hearts, I promise ;)

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